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MegaMenu extension for Magento®

Customise your navigation with this easy to manage, fast megamenu extension for Magento®.

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With this MegaMenu extension your able to easily customise the dropdown section for each menu item. Each item includes multiple "content" blocks that wlll allow you to enter widgets, static blocks or any other code with a customisable dropdown section. You can also include internal and external (non-categories) as links in the topmenu easily.

We set out to create a Magento® menu extension that would be easy to configure, fast and easily customisable - I think we've achieved that.

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Key features

  • Add custom links to top level of the menu
    Top level menu items can be a category link, any internal link, external links or simply a placeholder using 2 simple confiuration options - see this docs section
  • Configurable dropdown position
    Dropdown menus can be position abosulte left, absolute right, absolute center, relative center, relative left or relative right by default. (More positions can be added by your developer)
  • Configuratble dropdown width
    Each dropdown also has a configurable width. Can be entered as a % or px
  • Easy to manage dropdown contents - using provided widgets into simple text areas.
    Dropdown contents are configured using fermiliar Magento® input tools - a simple wysiwyg editor with ability to add pre-built widgets, static blocks or raw text/html
  • Ability to add shop by attribute lists
    This extension comes with a "Shop By Attribute" widget - simply insert the widget and select the category to filter within, attribute and options you'd like to list.
  • Ability to add category lists
    Drag and Drop category widget provided to display lists of any categories in the dropdown.
  • Ability to add featured products
    A widget for featured product is provided - insert the widget, select the products you'd like to display and select your template.
  • Ability to add featured categories
    Categories can be featured alone with (or without) a featured image.
  • Ability to add featured cms blocks/links
    Cms pages can be featured with a featured image using the widget with cms selector and image selector provided.
  • Ability to add static blocks to the dropdown
    Static blocks can also be easily added to the menu via the widget provided.
  • Dropdown can include any code you wish
    Dropdown sections are textarea inputs that can accept blocks {{block...}} widgets {{widget...}} static blocks, raw html and other text just like cms pages
  • Prefetched menu contents data - to reduce load on the system
    If you use our provided widgets they will be parsed and required data loaded at the same time in advance - speeding up non-cached versions of the page
  • Minimal configuration options - just what is required nothing more
    Nobody likes a page full of confusing system configuration options - we have 3 or 4 simple system configuration options - the rest are per dropdown and fairly self explanatory
  • Easy to manage grid system for dropdown section positioning
    The navigation dropdowns are split into multiple "Sections" each of which has a configurable width using a simple grid system - meaning you can easily organise the dropdowns via the admin.
  • Fully responsive menu
    Our widgets can be turned on or off for different screen sizes, our templates can also be edited in your theme to allow different versions per screen size.
  • Not encryption and not obfuscated
    The code is not hidden - I think your developers will like this.
  • On Github - with private access given once purchased.
    The code is on github and access is provided once purchased. Not only does this make the extension easier to use/install, but with community contributions, suggestions and bug-fixes it should also be much better than if it wasn't.
  • Installable via Magento® connect, composer, modman or direct copy
    Installed how you would like - without the need to make your own repo, modman files or composer.json
  • Designed to be extended/built upon easily by your developer
    Designed to be extended and improvded. By providing a flexible version that doesn't attempt to do everything but instead allows you to build upon it this extension is much eaiser to use whilst still allowing you to do exactly what you like with the help of your developer. I have tried to think of everyway you'd want to extend it - if you struggle with this get in contact - we will point you in the right direction!
  • Customisation Examples Avaliable
    Example customisation modules will be built by us and avalible on github here

View it on Github

Release Notes

Version 1.0.1 - 23th October 2015
- Bugfix release:
1) Removed thumbnail as default menu attribute - turns out a few people don't have this attribute - I assume because they don't have the XmlConnect module enabled or installed.
2) Added a data script to reindex 'catalog_category_flat' on installation to avoid frontend errors with missing columns

Version 1.0.0 - 20th October 2015
Inital Release


Wrote a review about MegaMenu


Paul Donnelly

Wrote a review about MegaMenu

Absolutely love this module. I've tried and tested many of them and none compare to this one. Works great, easy to install/configure and easy to use. James is an excellent developer, very helpful and support is exceptional. Highly recommend this. Will be installing on all future magento installs.


Wrote a review about MegaMenu



Wrote a review about MegaMenu

Nicely implemented extension with a great support!

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